Fashion Week is Back


February 26th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Winter is at its apex as far as the weather is concerned, but Omaha Fashion Week might spark the hope of spring around the corner. It’s the nation’s fifth largest fashion event, going into its 11th year—6 nights of contemporary style, local talent, and parties at the Omaha Design Center, Monday through Saturday.

Featuring Co-Founder, Brook Hudson

It’s a given that the outfits change with the season, but this festival’s theme also reflects its community.

In addition to working with the area’s top fashion designers, models and nonprofits, Omaha Fashion Week showcases students’ creative work on the runway, and behind the scenes.

For the time leading up to the event, and during, it’s non-stop work for all hands on deck. Keeping models moving on the catwalk takes an organized brigade.  

Omaha Fashion Week is Monday through Saturday, February 25 to March 2, at the Omaha Design Center starting at 6:00pm. Each night will open with the Pretty in Patina Pre-Party, featuring live entertainment. For more information about the schedule or tickets, visit

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