UNL Pushes for Civil Discourse on Campus


January 25th, 2019

Two incidents centered around free speech brought the University of Nebraska into the spotlight during the last two years. In a report for NET News, Brandon McDermott explores how the administration, faculty and students are responding.

In 2017, a lecturer was fired for making a crude gesture and calling a student a “neo-fascist” while the latter was recruiting for a conservative group. The next year, a student and self-avowed white supremacist circulated videos containing “hate speech” and the desire to be “violent.”

The university has taken several steps to mitigate future issues. Among tactics utilized by the school are programs aimed at teaching students how to discuss civic issues respectfully – even when there is disagreement – and graphic design that promotes civility presented around the Lincoln campus.

Nebraska also has recently hired a vice-chancellor for diversity and inclusion, and administration and faculty are optimistic for the future of civil discourse at UNL.

To read the full story, visit NET Nebraska.

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