Project Project Opens ‘Loophole’


January 11th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Project Project Gallery on Vinton Street opens a new exhibition tonight, LoopHole, from Des Moines artist, Rachel Buse. Working mostly in sculpture, Buse shies away from more classical metal and clay, preferring fabric. Gallery Co-founder, Joel Damon, has described her flexible, colorful patchwork objects as a “Macy’s Parade nightmare.”

Buse began her formal work with fabric while in college and realized its potential while at Art Farm, an artist residency here in Nebraska. She had covered the inside of a barn with drawn-on bedding material.

Buse’s work is site-specific, which meant spending a long time in the gallery a long way from home. She has been living at Project Project leading up to tonight’s opening. The experience of living with the work day and night has led to some unexpected developments and new ideas about presentation that might surprise some guests.

More fluid than any piece of stone or clay, Buse’s organic sculptures sprawl in the space, sometimes imbuing emotions or traits.

Rachel Buse’s LoopHole opens tonight at 6:00pm at Project Project Gallery on Vinton Street. For more information, visit

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