Hemp Legalization Poised to Benefit Already-Growing Market


January 11th, 2019

The recent farm bill passed by Congress included the legalization of industrial hemp, which can be used for livestock feed and car parts, among other things. However, as Esther Honig reports for Harvest Public Media, legalization will also boost a growing market for cannabidiol, an oil extracted from hemp flowers.

“What’s really interesting about this market is it’s grown completely from a grassroots level. There’s been no formal advertising,” said Jamie Schau, a senior research analyst with Brightfield Group.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is required by federal regulations to contain very little THC, the component that gets users high. Instead, CBD is marketed for its purported health benefits, including chronic pain and depression. And although medical research hasn’t quite caught up with the hype, the market continues to expand.

For the full story, visit Harvest Public Media.

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