Corporate-Environment Ag Partnerships: Just Good PR, or More?


January 2nd, 2019

Partnerships between agribusinesses and environmental nonprofits may offer more than just good public relations for the companies involved, reports Erica Hunzinger for Harvest Public Media.

In the past, pairings like these have invited scrutiny, with some accusing agribusinesses of “greenwashing” their reputations. But these partnerships could be a line of defense against climate change, particularly as federal regulatory duties in that realm are shrinking.

“I think it’s more effective to have a change when you to come in and talk with people and come to an agreement about an overarching goal and then figuring out how to get there as opposed to fighting about it,” says Stewart Leeth, chief executive officer for hog processing company Smithfield.

For the full story, visit Harvest Public Media.

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