’30 Americans’ Opens at Joslyn


January 31st, 2019

Omaha, NE—The Joslyn Art Museum’s next exhibition, 30 Americans, opens next weekend, featuring the work of 30 contemporary African American artists. Comprising pieces of various media from the ‘70s to the present, it’s the result of over 30 years of searching by notable Miami art collectors, Mera and Donald Rubell.

30 Americans is a large collection even by Joslyn’s standards, and both its scope and incorporation of so many different forms are a challenge to display. Planning for Joslyn’s first major exhibition of contemporary African American art began nearly two years, and there are still necessary concerns about logistics and curation leading up to opening day. 

30 Americans covers a wide a variety of topics, dialoging artists and artistic styles almost half a century apart, but the collection arrives at several major themes—most importantly, the representation of black bodies in the museum space.

30 Americans opens Saturday, February 2nd at Joslyn Art Museum and will run until May 5th. During its time in Omaha, the Joslyn will host a number of exhibition related events and programs, including film screenings, festivals, and talks. For more information, visit Joslyn.org.

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