Maple St. Construct Opens ‘Kathy’


December 6th, 2018

Omaha, NE—Maple Street Construct’s last exhibition of the season opens this Friday, from local artists Peter Fankhauser and Angie Seykora, titled Kathy. The name is of course a reference, but perhaps an obscure one. Kathy was an actor in the original 1960s television series, Flipper—Not a person, but the iconic bottlenose dolphin. The artists were inspired by the documentary, Blackfish, concerning the ethics of capturing sea mammals, and the work of Ric O’Barry, Kathy’s trainer turned activist.

Considering animal rights in a dialogue that probably extends to the human condition, Fankhauser and Seykora are not as interested in physically representing animals as much as the issues.

Fankhauser often works with digital images and text, while Seykora tends to use more textured building materials in two and three dimensional art.

Together, the artists visually approach a topic that has become increasingly relevant in current discussions on animal rights and media ethics.

Kathy opens at Maple Street Construct in Benson this Friday, December 7th from 6:00-9:00pm. For more information, find Maple Street Construct online.

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