Arts For All’s Enrollment Open Now


December 24th, 2018

Omaha, NE—Arts for All, a nonprofit educational organization here in Omaha, is dedicated to providing classes and workshops in many disciplines for those eager to learn—visual art, dance, creative writing, music, and more.

Arts for All offers classes in various schools and churches throughout Omaha, from South Omaha to Benson, to 170th Street. For adults, art education can foster hobbies that can last long into life. It’s the same for children, but the arts can also play a role in interdisciplinary learning and teamwork.

Arts for All offers various workshops with an emphasis in science, like chemistry and biology. Returning to Arts for All is an emphasis on end of year recitals and community get-togethers.

Arts for All’s Spring Semester begins January 14th and will run until April 20th. For more information about classes or registration, visit

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