Krist at KVNO, Part III: On Energy, Medical Cannabis, and the Pipeline


November 2nd, 2018

OMAHA, Neb. — Senator Krist and I covered a lot of ground in our recent interview. One of the topics of our discussion was climate change and the future of renewable energy in Nebraska.

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Krist described the challenges in increasing wind energy capability in the state, including the lack of connectivity in some areas. Nevertheless, he supports increased use of wind and other sources, such as solar power.

“Our administration will be more energized and more aggressive about trying to put wind energy in places where people want wind energy.”

We also spoke about the Keystone XL pipeline, slated for construction as early as next year but still facing challenges in court. A routing that was approved years ago is preferable to the one chosen for Keystone XL, in Krist’s opinion; this routing avoids aquifers such as the Ogallala.

“I started out, in all fairness, thinking jobs, creation of jobs, all the other things that the publicity would have told us as senators that we should support it for these reasons,” Krist said. “I am not in support of the pipeline routing at all. The most important thing to me is protection of our resources, and the most special and guarded resource in the state of Nebraska is our water.”

Also discussed was Senator Krist’s support of medical cannabis. He says its use in treating seizures, PTSD, and opioid addictions makes it an “incredible tool.”

“We do have some challenges—the efficacy, the dosage, the distribution—but other states have done very well. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel; we’ll look at those other states. It’s time to move now.”

KVNO Radio News reached out to Governor Ricketts for his take on the issues but has not yet received a response.

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