Evnen, Danner Talk Voter Participation and Engagement


November 5th, 2018

OMAHA, Neb. — Beyond voter identification and registration, Republican Bob Evnen and Democrat Spencer Danner, each vying to becoming Nebraska’s Secretary of State, have several ideas on how to engage voters.

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Danner wants to see candidates, parties, and elected officials do better and work together at engaging young voters.

“I think that once we start to be able to unite more and be able to bring more individuals into the fold, individuals will see that,” continues Danner.

Evnen believes that civic education is key to getting young voters involved. He says, “It’s important for people to understand that because that helps them understand the part that they’re playing when they cast a ballot.”

Danner also believes politicians have failed in reaching out to underprivileged communities and need to visit these neighborhoods after getting elected.

“I’ve been around a lot of politicians the whole coming and giving a speech and leaving five minutes later—I can’t stand it. It drives me up the wall,” adds Danner. “Just because you can walk in a parade doesn’t make you a woman or man of the people. And we see that quite a bit. That’s just not my mentality.”

Community leadership, says Evnen, can get their neighborhoods involved in the political process and should be encouraged.

“One of the ways that [engagement] is addressed is through community leadership, and you’d certainly want to encourage that.”

Each candidate has specific tactics they want to bring to the office in terms of voting and elections. Evnen says he will take further steps to ensure security by having Nebraska enter the ERIC System, a group of 25 states that collaborate on voter registrations, as well as ensuring that federal standards for IDs across states are properly enforced and policed.

Danner wants to implement a voter guide with information on both candidates and issues, particularly those on the ballot, to help Nebraskans make informed choices at the polls.

Danner concludes: “I just want to make sure that your listeners get out and vote. Make sure you vote. Your vote does matter. I want to be very clear: I’m not running to be the Democratic Secretary of State, I’m running to be Nebraska Secretary of State.”

“I have experience in public service where I have constructively brought people together to solve problems and I’m going to bring that to bear,” Evnen says. “And I think that I will bring to the office the principles and values that the people of the state of Nebraska will appreciate and support.”

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