UNO’s International Concert Series continues with Nebraska Rising Stars


November 5th, 2018


SENFF: “I’m really hoping that they get the fun, exciting almost joke-like nature of the piece that I’m performing, but also the entire concert is going to feature a variety of performers of a variety at very different ages. It’s awesome to see very young performers doing well and performing well, so I hope they see a wide variety of the talent and enjoy the performance wholly.”

Dr. Garcia sat down with senior Jake Senff, a music education major who will be featured in their upcoming concert as part of their International Concert Series titled, Nebraska Rising Stars.

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The concert will feature a selected group of pre-college and college students performing solo, chamber music, and orchestral repertoire. The Nebraska Rising Stars concert will provide the community an opportunity to support the artistic and professional development of these young artists, who are taught and mentored by some of Omaha’s most eminent teachers and performers.

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