Radio Theater Comeback— ‘The Ballad of Anna the Brave’


October 25th, 2018

Omaha, NE—The Ballad of Anna the Brave premiers at Gallery 1516 this weekend. In addition to being one of Omaha’s forefront visual art galleries, Gallery 1516 offers audiences a diverse palette of entertainment on Sunday mornings, usually music with classical or operatic leanings, but this weekend it’s a different kind of throwback—radio theater.

Originally, The Ballad of Anna the Brave, written by OPS teacher Jamie Taylor, was only for family and a few friendly ears.

When the story was shared at the Nebraska Writers’ Workshop, Kent Garlinghouse, an experienced Radio Theater director and actor from Minnesota, knew the piece could find life beyond the page.

The Ballad of Anna the Brave is the kind of story that both adults and children can get behind.

Though designed for radio, radio theater offers audiences more than just a story to listen to through speakers. Just like it was often done during the height of its popularity, this show will be performed and recorded live, with an original soundtrack played by its composer, Luke Furman and readymade sound effects, coming from a surprising bag of around the house items and devices, like paper, shoes, creaking mechanisms and anything else that makes noise.

The Ballad of Anna the Brave is written entirely in rhyming verse and will be performed just the same. Originally crafted for the page, The Ballad was tricky to reinterpret for the stage, but it remains true to the text.

The Ballad of Anna the Brave, written by Jamie Taylor, will be performed at gallery 1516 this Sunday, October 28th at 11:30am, as part of the Bagels and Sometimes Bach Series. Doors will open at 11am for breakfast. For more information, visit

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