UNO Theatre Opens Season with ‘The Clearing’


September 28th, 2018

Omaha, NE—Ireland, 1652. King Charles is dead and Oliver Cromwell rules, begining his crusade against Catholicism in the isles. For Irish Catholics, this policy meant nothing short of ethnic cleansing, and landowners were banished to Connaught, a barren, unforgiving part of the country.

This is the setting of UNO theatre’s upcoming production, The Clearing, by Helen Edmundson. It’s the first production of the season which will be highlighting female playwrights. The play portrays the struggles of 10 characters, whose lives have been torn apart by politics. The Clearing centers around Madeleine, a new Irish mother, and her English husband Robert Preston.

Director, Lara Marsh, said that while the play and its historical depictions are relevant to the contemporary political landscape, there isn’t decided message. Her goal is rather to inspire conversation following the performance.

The Clearing will be accompanied by a number of special events complementing the performance. The will be a reception following the show’s official opening on Friday the 28th, October 4th and 5th will feature American Sign Language assisted performances, and the showing on the 5th will be followed by a curtain talk with UNO faculty and the director after the show.

UNO Theatre’s The Clearing will preview at the Weber Fine Arts Building. The show officially opens Friday, September 28th, and will run until October 6th. For more information or tickets, find this event on Facebook or search “UNO Theatre” online.

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