‘Portraits of Care’ on Display at Criss Library


September 1st, 2018

Dr. Mark Gilbert might be recognized now as a figure in the medical field, but he is primarily an artist. Raised in Glasgow, Scotland, he finished a degree in the arts and worked as an artist for several years before he approached by a surgeon. The task—a temporary job painting patients.

Surgeons of course document their procedures from beginning to end, but typically using photography.

It turns out that the hypothesis had some positive results.

After showing all over Europe and America, it was UNMC in Omaha that latched onto the idea. Gilbert’s role expanded beyond that of documenting head and neck surgeries, and his work would become the collection, Portraits of Care.

That work which he completed while with UNMC and exhibited at The Bemis Center is now on display at UNO’s Criss Library. While the exhibition has obvious artistic merits, the goal is interdisciplinary communication.

The project is not over, however, as medical humanities program continues to grow here in Omaha.

Portraits of Care is on display now at UNO’s Criss Library.

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