“Cleft”, at Project Project


September 14th, 2018

South Omaha’s Project Project was a natural choice for the artists, James Bockelman and Michael Ian Larsen. It’s like a sandbox with its plywood walls, exposed rafters, and flexible owners. No strangers to experimentation—the space has gone as far as letting artists plant an indoor forest.

Employing traditional construction standards rather than academic sculptural lessons, the artists this week are taking, but recontextualizing, images of the everyday.

But it wasn’t enough to find a single toilet, a la Dadaist Marcel Duchamps. The duo preferred to build the whole water closet, including boring laminate floors, lifeless plaster, and standard tile ceilings.

Both artists have achieved notability in the area individually, but they couldn’t help but to unite their thematic interests after getting together.

In conversation, they have referenced some clear and present influences, like dadaism, but also a host of other avant garde painters, composers, and writers,

Both artists have also brought together some of their individual work for the collaboration. Bockelman on video, Larsen with sculpture.
Say what you want about studying the arts, but it takes as much attention to detail and experience as any other hand on job.

Cleft, featuring James Bockelman and Michael Ian Larsen opens this week, Friday at 6:00 pm at Project Project. For more information, visit ProjectProjectOmaha.com.

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