Kaneko Hosts ‘Curious Conversations’


August 21st, 2018

The Museum of Alternative History, part of the Reality exhibition, is going on now at the Kaneko. Curated by Tim Guthrie, the Museum blends truth with fiction, blurring perception, and challenging belief. This is actually not the first Museum of Alternative history, but only its latest and grandest incarnation. Guthrie opened the first one years ago at the RNG Gallery in Council Bluffs very soon after conceiving one simple concept.

Since Guthrie has been working with the concept of alternative history, it has continued to enter current events as a point of controversy.

The surprising debate over truth has of course completely dominated media over the past two years, nudging Guthrie to again reinvent the Museum of Alternative History for Kaneko. The ambiguity of the internet and rise of terms like “fake news” have complicated the exhibition, and contributing artists are now coming from around the country.

The Museum of Alternative History has been accompanied by a talk series, not quite lectures, but rather what they call Curious Conversations. This Thursday will be the second in the series, Truth in the Era of Fake News.

The Museum of Alternative History, curated by Tim Guthrie, part of Kaneko’s Reality Exhibition, is going on now until September 26th. Curious Conversations, Truth in the Era of Fake News is this Thursday, August 23rd at 7pm. The event is free, but registration is required. For more information, visit theKaneko.org

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