‘Sounds Good’ to Be at The Union


July 19th, 2018

Omaha, NE—This weekend, the Union for Contemporary Art will open Sounds Good, an exhibition by local artist, Ella Weber at their Wanda D. Ewing Gallery.

Weber emphasizes perhaps the least glamorous part of the artist life. Even after attaining a Masters in Fine Arts, showing all over the country, and attending several residency programs, Weber, like many artists, still works a full time job unrelated to the arts—in her case, a deli.

Weber maintains her practice outside of her day job, but the deli has actually become a focal point in her work.

Weber isn’t afraid to be hands on at her improvised residency. The product has become one of her primary materials.

Sounds Good also examines the toll of the physical and emotional labor while working behind the counter. The show draws influence from the socioeconomic theater that’s played out in the deli.

Sounds Good, by Ella Weber, opens at the Union for Contemporary Art this Friday, July 20 at 6pm. The show will run until August 2th. For more information, visit u-ca.org.

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