‘The Map and Its Porcelain Goat’


July 6th, 2018

Maple Street Construct, a gallery in Benson, was initially founded to create an artistic link between Omaha and L.A. Now, the gallery is showing what the Midwest has to offer in the word of contemporary art.

Tonight, Maple Street Construct will open the exhibition, The Map and its Porcelain Goat, by Iowa artist, Peter Goché.

Fascinated by an idea by French philosopher Marcel Merleau-Ponty, called “primacy of perception”—or to put it roughly, the importance of the physical experience when relating to something—Goché has made a map. But, stressing physicality, it’s not necessarily a map in the normative sense. Working with raw materials in his surroundings, he has constructed an interpretation of time and place.

Goché works mostly with found materials from the decaying industrial landscape, including lead.

In addition to industrial objects, Goché constitutes his existential map with agricultural artifacts—in this case, the found carcass of a goat.

It’s not map-making in the traditional sense of an aerial, top-down, abstracted perspective of space that most people are used to. It’s an exercise in presenting a time and place as it is.

The Map and its Porcelain Goat by Peter Goché, will open at Maple Street Construct tonight at 7:00pm. For more information, visit MapleSTConstruct.com

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