“Lauren Conrad Is Crying”


June 8th, 2018

Omaha, NE—Lauren Conrad is Crying. That’s the title of Omaha Creative Institute’s next artist run exhibition, part of a program for developing and supporting local art. If you don’t know who Lauren Conrad is, you might have been avoiding the tv for the last couple decades. She’s one of the biggest stars to rise from the early days of soap-opera styled reality television, starring in Laguna Beach as a teenager in 2004 (and making way for the Kardashians and maybe even some politicians). Her career continues today in fashion, and as personality, but she’s now an interest of curators, Esau Betancourt and Cate O’Brien, said Betancourt.

That book was Berkeley Professor Alexei Yurchak’s Everything was Forever Until It was No More, a perspective on paradoxes in reality in Soviet Russia. He coined the term “hypernormalisation”, the process of how the real world can, and has become increasingly fake.  For Betancourt and O’Brien, Conrad seems to be the harbinger of irreality.

The artists are Omaha natives, painter and illustrator Carolyn Hoover and urban farmer and artist Rachel Shiller, working with live plants. For the curators, this exhibition offers an opportunity to think about the gallery space differently than what’s traditional.

It’s not all about theory and history. There’ll be a dance party after.

Lauren Conrad is Crying, hosted by the Omaha Creative Institute at 1419 S 13th Street, opens Friday, June 8th at 6:00pm. The dance party begins across the street at OUTRSpaces at 10pm. The exhibition will run until July 27th. For more information, visit OmahaCreativeInstitute.org.

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