Generator Series Returns with Obelus Movement


June 21st, 2018

Omaha, NE—Tonight, the next installment of the Generator series, organized by Omaha Under the Radar, hosted by the Kaneko, will feature Sound and Sensor by the Obelus Movement. The Generator Series brings the latest of experimental music and performance to Omaha. So what is Obelus? It’s the union of dance and experimental sound design from choreographer, Claire Cuny, and composer and sound designer, Monte Weber.


The two met in New York City just a few years ago when Cuny was a freelance dancer, and Weber was a Master’s student at NYU. Now, the duo utilizes contemporary music technology to create dynamic compositions alongside Cuny’s choreography. Rather than composing and recording music for their set, Cuny and Weber both perform live, and both of their movements are integral to the sound.

Cuny is educated in formal dance and ballet, including the Balanchine technique, but she eventually gravitated to more modern dancers like Martha Graham.

Weber and Cuny have blended movement and sound. In addition to Weber’s work, the dancers will be equipped with contact microphones and speaker cones, so everyone’s movement will become part of the evening’s composition. Cuny and Weber have also arrived early to Omaha to work on new music for the performance with their partners, local Tbd. Dance Collective.

The Obelus Movement’s Sound and Sensor, part of the Generator Series, is tonight at the Kaneko at 7:00pm. For more information or tickets, visit

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