The Kaneko Introduces “Reality”


May 31st, 2018

Omaha, NE—Following Light, the Kaneko opens their next exhibition this weekend, Reality. Again, the gallery space will feature a wide range of different media, concepts and technologies. Reality challenges viewers’ perceptions, suggesting new ways of thinking about what is real.

Having been conceived two years ago, Reality just about anticipated today’s conversation on media distortion, twitter bots, and yes, Fake News.

Multiple sections in the exhibition examine how representation can distort reality, and whether reality can be agreed on at all. For example, The Museum of Alternative History, curated by Tim Guthrie, brings together many artists and writers to show how the past might be tweaked, or outright fabricated—and it has been before.

Reality will also feature Soviet-Latvian visual artist Misha Gordin who’s been manipulating photographs long before the advent of computer imaging.

During the exhibition’s run, the Kaneko will host a number of lectures and performances, including dance from TBD Dance Collective, music performances part of Omaha Under the Radar and poetry readings from the Feedback Series.

Reality is open to the public at Kaneko starting this Friday, June 1st and will run until September 26th. For more information or tickets, visit

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