Kenny G Comes to Omaha


April 27th, 2018

Omaha, NE—If you don’t know him from his extensive solo work, you must know him from collaborations with the biggest pop and jazz musicians of the era. The man with the soprano saxophone, Kenny G will be performing tomorrow night at the Orpheum Theatre.

He might be one of the biggest selling instrumentalists around, but his humble entry into music, growing up in Seattle, is not much different than any other kid.

Early in high school, he didn’t actually make the cut for the jazz band. After practicing every day, however, he eventually made first chair, and more opportunities followed.

Kenny G achieved widespread success in the early 80s with the album Duotones, leading to one collaboration after another. He’s worked with everyone from Steve Miller, to Miles Davis, to Katy Perry, but one of his proudest moments was recording an album with Frank Sinatra.

Kenny G has worked with the best of the best of jazz musicians and pop stars alike, and he doesn’t feel a need to wear a label as a performer.

Kenny G has incorporated many styles into his playing. His last album for example, Brazilian Nights covered bossa nova favorites. Now he’s working on recording some traditional jazz, but tomorrow’s concert will be a variety of his music.

An Evening with the Iconic Kenny G is tomorrow night, April 28th at 8:00pm at the Orpheum Theatre. For more information or tickets, visit Omaha Performing

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