‘African Body, Soul and MVMNT,’ Part 1


March 16th, 2018

Omaha, NE-African Body, Soul and MVMNT. It’s the music and narrative project by Edem Soul Music, fronted by Edem K. Garro, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. But maybe that’s not a fair description. For Garro, inspiration comes from many places, and there’s more to her creative identity than just performing music. She’s interested in cooking, figure skating, martial arts and writing fiction and poetry—all important to her identity.

African Body, Soul and MVMNT is an evening of music and dance, and the beginning of a narrative in three parts. It’s the story of African experience, conjuring the sounds and emotions during the time of the slave trade. This Friday, Garro, will perform Act 1 with help from members of Omaha’s Boys’ and Girls’ club. The concert will feature djembe drums, talking drums, vocals and some prerecorded tracks.

Garro draws heavily on her Ghanaian heritage, singing in the Ga language, and the project unites her various interests in music, storytelling and culture.

The performance presents a global perspective, but Garro’s work is deeply rooted in her community here in Omaha.

African Body, Soul and MVMNT part 1 by Edem K. Garro, supported by the Omaha Creative Institute, is this Friday at 7:00pm at the Hi-Fi House on 38th and Farnam. Ghanaian food prepared by Garro’s mother will be served at 6:30. The concert is free and open to the public, registration is required. For more information, visit OmahaCreativeInstitute.org.

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