Vaudeville Takes the Stage Again in Benson


February 23rd, 2018

Omaha, NE—Benson is bringing back old fashioned entertainment in a big way—Vaudeville. The Benson Theater has been out of commission for some years now. It was a popular movie theater in the mid-century, but in the ‘20s it was home for musicians, comedians, dancers, actors and magicians. That’s exactly the kind of entertainment Executive Director of the theatre Amy Ryan hopes to bring back to the neighborhood.

The Benson Theatre is now a registered non-profit, and renovations are planned for the near future. It will cost $2.8 million, but they’ve already raised $1.7 million according to Outreach and Event Coordinator Maggie Webber. So the theatre’s not operational yet, but there are plans for a full production stage, hosting events like Shakespeare performances, rock operas, and of course, magic, dance and comedy.

In the meantime, the B Side of Benson theatre is open and active. It’s a smaller event space just next door, featuring creative performances, workshops, art exhibitions and more. The space will host Vaudevillians the last weekend of every month, and tonight and tomorrow, it’s February Vaudeville Frolic, featuring 6 acts—comedy, music, poetry, and also swing dancing from Omaha Jitterbugs.

February Vaudeville Frolic is tonight at 6:00pm and tomorrow, Feb. 24 at 9:30pm at the B Side of Benson Theatre. All proceeds benefit the theater’s capital campaign. For more information, visit

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