OCI Joins Agriculture and Design


February 15th, 2018

Omaha, NE—Omaha Creative Institute’s next exhibition in collaboration with Big Muddy Urban Farm unites agriculture and design. This is one of OCI’s Artist-Run Exhibitions, and curator Andrew Tatreau has brought five artists together to explore the potential of urban ecology, which extends far beyond locally sourced produce.

Tatreau’s background is actually in media studies, but since moving back to Omaha, his attention turned to improving landscape design where he felt it was lacking. Big Muddy is a nonprofit organization in town dedicated to bringing farming to the urban center. While a focus on design might seem antithetical to the utilitarian concerns of agriculture, Tatreau believes that thinking of them as one can have a beneficial effect on the community.


Some of the desired effects that thoughtful landscape design might have in a community like Omaha are improvements to social engagement and sustainability. But it is an issue that has become politicized.


That doesn’t mean, though, that there isn’t potential to bridge political gaps while improving the city.


OCI’s Medium Green, curated by Andrew Tatreau opens this Friday at Big Muddy Urban Farm’s location at 3320 Burt Street from 6:00 to 9:00pm. The exhibition will be accompanied by a panel discussion between artists, Big Muddy residents, and experts in the field. For more information, visit OmahaCreativeInstitute.org.

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