‘Lines Forming’ at Darger HQ


November 10th, 2017

Image courtesy of Angie Seykora, Ying Zhu and Darger HQ

Omaha, NE—This Friday at Darger HQ gallery on Vinton Street, Lines Forming, a collaborative exhibition by local artist Angie Seykora and DC based artist Ying Zhu will open to the public. Seykora and Zhu both work in three dimensions—sculpture. But their work is constructed from everyday objects—plastics, glass, fabric and hardware. Seykora explained how found objects can inspire art.

“I always say I have a process based practice, so what that means for me is going into my studio and working with these materials that I acquire,” Seykora said. “I’m always gravitated or drawn to materials that have tactile characteristics within the way they were manufactured—also elements of color, line that are present in materials. So there has to be some sort of visual stimulus for me with the materials that I’m acquiring, and sometimes I will live with materials for years before I actually understand them or know how to use them or how the material then fits within this current dialogue that’s present within my work.”

Seykora and Zhu were paired for this exhibition by Darger HQ’s director, Lana Bacon, and since meeting for the first time just last week, Zhu found that they’ve had no trouble forming ideas.

“I just felt like you know we were set up as a play date,” Zhu said. “And then both of us were like, ‘Oh you like to play with mud,yes,’ and then immediately there was this connection, and our approach was  very similar. We just started to see what would happen if we did this, what would happen if we did that, and it’s really is through experimenting and then finding something that we think is transforming this piece.”

For this exhibition, Seykora and Zhu are considering using hooks and thread to design pieces, among other things. Each artist has also entered the collaboration with individual work and ideas too. Zhu has turned a dead bonsai tree into sculpture through a gold leafing process, and Seykora is working with something she’s held onto for about six years—a mop.

“It’s no longer a mop,” Seykora said. “It once was a mop. It was a mop head that actually the janitor in graduate school—I would always look at this mop that was being pushed outside of my studio door, and I was like the texture of that is so interesting to me, and finally I built up the courage to ask the janitor if I could please have a mop head. And he was like, ‘I’ll find you a mop head but you can’t tell anyone I gave it to you.’ So he like gave me this mop head like presented this like thing, this lifeless sort of thing to me to right? And that was—I don’t know—six years ago, and I have held on to this thing and I finally like understand it now. I understand maybe understand why I was drawn to it for its aesthetic qualities. The color is interesting the texture is interesting, and the fact that it’s woven.”

For both artists, everyday objects in art have a life before, during and even after the process, Zhu explained.

“When you encounter the moment, you know it worked but then it’s not a closure,” Zhu said. “It’s one thing leading to another if you think you have resolved whatever project you’re working on and so many doors open up through this experience, through what you have acquired or gained from this. Then your thoughts just go so many different ways. Immediately you’re thinking, ‘oh what could be next?’ and ‘how could this lead to this other thing?’ It’s all intertwined and connected. So definitely it’s not a closure—done.”

Lines Forming, a collaborative exhibition by Angie Seykora and Ying Zhu will open at Darger HQ this Friday, Nov. 10th from 6-9pm. There will be an artist talk moderated by Josephine Fatima Martins at 8pm. The exhibition will run through Jan. 7th. For more information, visit DargerHQ.org.

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