Shatner Tells All in ‘Shatner’s World,’ Coming to Omaha


October 10th, 2017

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“I enjoy it all if I can do it well,” William Shatner said. “If I feel that I’ve done something well, that I’ve gotten hold of a moment that I think worked, then I’m—I can’t say satisfied, but I’m less discontented.”

William Shatner—actor, director, fiction and nonfiction writer and horse enthusiast. Many fans know him from some of his hit shows like “Boston Legal,” “Shatner’s Raw Nerve,” and of course “Star Trek” in the role Captain James T. Kirk, but there isn’t much in show business that he hasn’t done. Shatner is still writing books, performing on music albums, and now he’s on tour for “Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It,” a one man show about his life and career.

“When I tell you that I talk about comedy, and I talk about children, and I talk about motorcycles, and I talk about gorillas, and I talk about death and I talk about horses, you get some idea of the range of the evening. So you can’t put your finger on any one aspect because one blends into the other, but what you can say overall was ‘I’ve never laughed so hard,’ ‘I’ve never been to the theater and been more entertained.’ Those are the comments I get all the time, and those are the most satisfying. I love to make people laugh and here I get to do it.”

Shatner was born in Canada and studied as a Shakespearian actor. After a brief time writing for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he came to the United States to begin his illustrious career on screen. Staying busy means something to Shatner, a disposition that has propelled his over 60 year career. But when it comes to a particular line of work, he’s done it all, and he doesn’t play favorites.

“I don’t think of those terms. I don’t think with regret about sets that went off the air or ‘I no longer get to do this.’ I’m doing many other things and it’s challenging and I’m enjoying it, so I don’t think in terms of favorites, but every so often you hit a moment that is right on and think ‘that was good.’ That was a piece of music that sang to me.”

“Shatner’s World” features anecdotes from his career along with stories about personal and family life while taking a step back to appreciate the humor of it all. Examining his life, Shatner’ most outstanding qualities might be his work ethic, and his ability to appreciate the moment.

“You make decisions from the outside and from the inside—those currents that affect you on the outside and the internal forces that are acting on you. You make a decision whether it’s to cross the street or to get up and move to another city or to get married or to have a relationship. You’re doing the best you can at the moment and you have to forgive yourself for any decision you make iff you think it’s bad because you did it. You did the best you could at that moment, and my life has turned out to be so lucky and so beautiful that to have any regret at all would be so bad that I don’t even indulge in that at all. I’m happy.”

“Shatners World: We Just Live in It” comes from Broadway to the Holland Performing Arts Center on Thursday, October 26th at 7:30pm. For more information or tickets, visit


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