OAYO Begins 59th Season with All Orchestra Concert


October 27th, 2017

Omaha, NE—The Omaha Area Youth Orchestra begins its 59th season this Sunday evening with the All Orchestra Concert, showcasing all of OAYO’s ensembles in one performance—Youth Concert Strings, Youth Conservatory Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic, and Youth Symphony. Music Director for OAYO, Aviva Segall:

“This one is a chance for all of our orchestras, all of our auditioned orchestras, to play together,” Segall said. “So it’s a chance to hear our young string group, Youth Concert strings—and they’re young and enthusiastic and this is really one of the first times that they’ve been playing in an orchestra—all the way up to our Youth Symphony, which has been playing for quite some time. A lot of these musicians have been playing together since actually even before Youth Concert Strings—Prelude Strings, one of our teacher recommendation orchestras–so those students have quite a lot of experience.”

Ages range from around 2nd grade to seniors in high school. Sunday’s lineup is diverse, featuring Mozart, Brahms, and folk songs.

OAYO has also collaborated with Opera Omaha for this performance. Holland Community Opera Fellow Jessica Johnson Brock will perform an aria from Bellini’s Norma alongside the ensemble.

“It’s a wonderful chance for us to work with a musician of that caliber and have all the experiences of learning how to work with the singer, learning how to accompany an aria and have that be a collaboration with Opera Omaha, it’s really a wonderful experience.”

Other highlights of the evening—concerto competition winner Jenna Renard on viola for Bruch’s Romanze for Viola and Orchestra, and one of Segall’s favorite pieces to perform with the orchestra.

“I think favorite pieces that we ever play why I always get requests for this even on off years I usually try to cycle through repertoire every four years and somewhere about the two-year mark somebody always says ‘can we please play ‘Night on Bald Mountain,’ I’m like, it’s not a ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ year, but pretty much every four years is a ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ year because that is one of the pieces that young musicians love to play. I never really get tired of it and it’s such a great piece for learning how to play in an orchestra for it being exciting, for it being colorful, for really being able to make a lot of music in one piece.”

The OAYO All Orchestra Concert at the Holland Performing Arts Center is this Sunday, October 29th. For more information or tickets, visit OAYO.org.


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