Mozart’s Genius Featured in First Joslyn Series Concert, with Washington Garcia


October 6th, 2017


GARCIA: “I am mission driven. I think that if you have a clear vision, a clear purpose in life then somehow it becomes easier to do what you have to do. A; because you are always passionate and encouraged by what you are doing, and second, because this is transmitted to the people that are around you.”

Renowned concert pianist, Dr. Washington Garcia will be soloing with the Omaha Symphony this Sunday, in the first concert of the 2017/18 Joslyn Series featuring Mozart’s “Piano Concerto No. 20 in d minor. Garcia shared his excitement and compassion for this composer.

GARCIA: “For any serious musician to pretend to have a career, or any aspirations of being a true artist without being exposed to Mozart, to Bach and being able to develop this technique because it’s pure, it’s so transparent and so clear. You cannot fake anything; you can’t really cover it up with a pedal. You either have it or you don’t have it and it also goes beyond the technical aspect of it. Its simplicity yet high complex level of musicality.”

He’s the Director of UNO’s School of Music and has always taken education and performances to heart.

GARCIA: “My purpose is to serve. My purpose is to give, to create, to support the artists who would like a career in music. Sometimes people ask me if I get stage fright, or if I get nervous, and the answer is no because I always remember that what I do is not for me, I’m not the star. This is really about others, it’s about the music in this particular case. When I am teaching it is about the student, and when I am on stage it is about the actual piece. How can I be an instrument of the composer to try to bring or communicate what he or she wanted to communicate with the audiences, and study the score in depth to try to figure out what was going through his mind.

Garcia is thrilled to be performing with the Omaha Symphony this weekend.

GARCIA: “I am in love with the Omaha Symphony. In fact, I am in love with everything that has to do with Omaha. We have a great symphony, a great opera, a great ballet and a great performing arts center. Everybody in the city who is involved in the cultural landscape of the city has a really wonderful level and such high, ambitious aspirations of where they are headed. But the first time I heard the symphony live was soon after I arrived and I just fell in love with it. There is such a great level of passion and commitment and you see that the musicians love what they are doing. There si a great reception from the community for what the orchestra is doing.”

Renowned concert pianist, Dr. Washington Garcia. The concert this Sunday, October 8th in the Joslyn Art Museum’s Witherspoon Hall will also feature Mozart’s final symphony, No. 41 and music from Telemann. The concert begins at 2:00pm and you can find tickets by visiting or by called Ticket Master at 402.345.0606.

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