Kaneko Introduces New Dance Series, ‘Movement’


October 3rd, 2017

Photo courtesy of the Kaneko

Omaha, NE—Kaneko continues to introduce new performance series to accompany the gallery space—this time dance. Tbd. Dance Collective is a modern dance company based in Omaha, but their name doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. They’ll be presenting the Movement series at Kaneko, seasonal dance performances in inspired by the collections, starting this week with “Form”.

Tbd. has worked with Kaneko before, and this new endeavor is a welcome collaboration explained Stephanie Heuttner, Co-Artistic Director of Tbd. Dance Collective.

“We were approached by the Kaneko gallery,” Heuttner said. “We’ve done a couple of different projects there over the past couple of years, and they’ve really enjoyed us coming to their gallery and bringing people that we bring in that maybe wouldn’t typically go visit the galleries. So it’s bringing a slightly different audience but also the members that are at the gallery have also been attending our performances. They’ve found that their mission really aligns with our mission and all of our projects and our work so I thought I’d be a great collaboration between the two of us to create works based off of exhibitions that are in the gallery at the time so we’ve just now joined and are partnering with them to produce four different shows a year in conjunction with whatever exhibition they might have going on.”

“Form” was conceived from Kaneko’s ongoing Kinetic exhibition, a collection of massive moving sculptures from artists like John Buck and FoldHaus, explained Kat Fackler, Tbd.’s other Co-Director.

“It definitely is in conjunction with these exhibitions that we pull inspiration from the artists involved, so for example this upcoming show with Kinetic, we really pull from the work whether it’s the shape of the different structures the John Buck structures or just the general feel of the exhibition and the space,” Fackler said. “We went in and we recorded the sounds that the John Buck sculptures make and implemented that into the score, so the score that you’ll hear for the show is the actual sounds that the sculptures make when you press those buttons and they move.”

“Form” is somewhat interactive—not that the audience will be asked to dance, but there isn’t exactly a conventional stage. The performance is scored by Graham Ulicny, and the piece will be manipulated live. Visual projections will also accompany the dance, and they’ll also be altered live via infra-red tracking.

“I would say that’s one of the most prominent things about our performances and the work that we do and probably the work that we would do specifically with this Movement series is bring in the collaborators and try our best to work with artists throughout the community that can add to our shows, and we can sort of feed off of each other creatively to create something really special and unique that wouldn’t exist without this programming and without this collaboration,” Fackler said.

“And the Kaneko staff are amazing,” Heuttner said. “I think make sure that that’s shared as well they work with us to help us accomplish crazy things. Honestly, Kat and I come up with wild ideas that it’s impossible to think that they can actually happen, but the Kaneko staff helps us facilitate all of those.”

And some of those wild ideas?

“It usually stops at: what if we were suspended from the ceiling upside down from a stretchy material?” Fackler said. “OK, we’ve got to cool it.”

Tbd. Dance Collective’s “Form,” part of the Movement series, will show at Kaneko this Saturday October 7th at 8:00pm For more information or tickets, visit thekaneko.org.

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