First Omaha Bicycle Art Tour Tomorrow


September 29th, 2017


Omaha, NE—Galleries in all across Omaha offer great opportunities to engage with what’s happening in contemporary art, but not always a chance to see the backstage—what the life and the creative process of a local artist are really like. When Director and Founder of Darger HQ Gallery Launa Bacon was based in Lincoln, area artist Peggy Gomez wanted to show that side of the art community, suggesting open studios and cycling. After a few successful years of the Lincoln Bicycle Art Tour, or LBAT, the event now comes to Omaha as OBAT, a collaborative effort between Darger HQ, Project Project and Omaha Bicycle Company.

“Open Studios are so important for artists, because not only is the community able to somehow demystify the whole creative process and they can meet the artist and talk about the process behind their creative work, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for people to purchase directly from the artist,” Bacon said. “So I really encourage people to keep that in mind when they’re traveling about.”

On the way, several major studio spaces will have open doors, including Hot Shops, the Union for Contemporary Art, and the Kent Bellows Studio. Many individuals, like Shea Wilkinson, Erin Blayney, Dan Crane and more will also be inviting guests for an intimate look at their work.

The tour also offers quite an view of Omaha, with the circuit covering 11.4 miles and reaching as far South as Vinton Street and as far North as Locust, passing the Old Market and Midtown Crossing on the way. The path was chosen based on the destinations, but also biking convenience.

“You can take the route any way that you want. We have a suggested route if you want to hit all of the studios on your bicycle, but about fifty percent of people drive, and they may not be able to go to all the studios—they may be able to go to four or five, but pretty much you go at your own pace. There’s no meeting place. You don’t have to sign up. Absolutely everyone can just go and visit whatever studio.”

“Doors will be open and there’ll be signage marking each space as well when you do arrive,” Damon said.

As with any new event, there were challenges in organization, but Bacon and Damon fully intend on OBAT returning next year.

“I think trying to find people [was a challenge], because it’s something we don’t really do as a community yet, and we are now, and so the first time you do something there’s always going to be people that are sticklers and wary of new things. And so I hope when they see that this is a success and that we get even bigger turnout for studios that are going to be opened up next year.”

The Omaha Bicycle Art Tour, OBAT, is tomorrow, September 30 from 11am to 4pm. For more information, find the event on Facebook or visit for a map.



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