The Generator Series’ ‘Sound And:Spectra” at Kaneko


August 29th, 2017

Image courtesy of The Kaneko

Omaha, NE—The Kaneko and Omaha Under the Radar have come together to create the Generator Series, music performances that explore the relationship between music and the physical world—architecture, landscapes, and the human body. Each summer, the Under the Radar Festival features experimental music and mixed media focusing on contemporary music and composers, but all in just a few days. Now with individual performances, there’s more room for opportunity.

Stacey Barelos, Education Director for Under the Radar, described the series including Thursday’s performance, “Sound And: Spectra.”

“I think it’s the avant-garde, although we really focus on 21st century works or works written in the last fifty years, works of living composers, but for the Generator Series, we’re also looking to couple the events with another field,” Barelos said. “So for example, this time I’m working with an architectural engineer, Dr. Lily Wang, and she’s helping design the space, so we’re thinking a lot about how sound exists in spaces. Next summer, we’re hoping to have food events, so we’re going to work with some different foodie type people, and each a vent will have some sort of theme like that.

The concert will feature compositions by Eliza Brown and Kaija Saariaho, both featuring cellist, Hannah Mayer.

Barelos has also composed a piece for the event, “A Rift in Space,” on which she has collaborated with Wang.

“I was thinking a lot about what sort of instruments I wanted to use to fill this giant space. My piece is going to be in the big space downstairs, and my first thought was brass. I wanted big low brass instruments, so there will be a tuba trombone and bass trombone, and they’ll have a lot of long low notes trying to fill that space. And then I always love percussion. If I wasn’t a pianist, I think I’d be a percussionist, so there are a lot of drums and some other surprises as well.”

Collaborations between contemporary art galleries like Kaneko and music organizations like Under the Radar show that Omaha has become a city of cultural and intellectual significance.

“It’s always a challenge to put anything together in Omaha because we’re sort of a unique size where it’s a great place to be, there are a lot of up and coming things, the opportunities are everywhere, but then it’s difficult to find all the forces and the funding that you need. So it’s different than living in a Chicago or New York, but it’s so much more exciting than living in a small town further out in the region, so we bring our experience from both of those sorts of areas to this and do our best.”

“Sound And: Spectra,” part of the Generator Series, will show at the Kaneko this Thursday, August 31 at 7:00pm. For more information or tickets, visit


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