Film Streams Celebrates 10 Years


July 25th, 2017

Omaha, NE—Film Streams is a local non-profit organization dedicated to bringing independent, classic, and the best contemporary film to Omaha. They’ve been screening at the Ruth Sokolof theatre since 2007, and going on now is their 10th anniversary celebration, “Ten for Ten”.

This month, Film Streams has been showing some of their favorite films that they’ve screened in the last decade, explained Patrick Kinney, Communications Director at Film Streams.

“When we started talking about how to celebrate 10 years at the Ruth Sokolof Theater, of course the very first thing that came to mind was how we could showcase some of the fantastic art that we’ve gotten to show there,” Kinney said. “We’ve shown 1600 films at that theater on the two screens in 10 years, which is pretty remarkable. That’s a big juggling act, and that’s obviously a lot of films. So when we approached how to showcase or celebrate all of that art, the idea of creating top tens and making a series out of that was irresistible.”

There’s no obvious theme to the lineup of this series. Art films, local favorites and indy hits were considered equally.

“The titles are a combination of some of our biggest movies that we’ve ever shown made the list and also some really small movies that have just lingered with us ever since. We started the series with Nebraska, Alexander Payne’s film. That was our biggest hit of all time far in a way, and then also that weekend we showed Let the Right One in, which is a quiet Swedish horror movie about kid vampires, so that one people did come to see that of course. It’s a beloved film, it’s a cult film, but it’s just something that’s always stayed with us.”

Film Streams has grown over the last decade, offering not just cinema, but community engagement as well. Their most ambitious project yet is their expansion to the Dundee Theatre, which they hope to have renovated by this fall.

“A lot has changed. We’ve figured out who are audience is and how to program for them. We also have figured out how to show films that we know would not come to Omaha otherwise and introduce new films and new artists to that audience, so it’s been about how to figure that out. One big thing that we discovered was just how important it would be to be community focused. We do a lot of collaborative events we have a really robust community development program that allows us to partner with other organizations on screenings followed by discussions that programs become a cornerstone of what we do.”

The festival might have started, but there is still more ahead. Screenings of Birdman, Slumdog Millionaire and Beasts of the Southern Wild are still to come.

Film Stream’s official anniversary is the 27th, and they will celebrate Saturday July 19 with a community day, featuring three free screenings—Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Moonlight, and a members only screening of Moonrise Kingdom—along with free popcorn and giveaways.

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