OAYO to Perform Final Concert of the Season


May 3rd, 2017

Omaha, NE—The Omaha Area Youth Orchestra will perform its last concert of the season on Sunday, May 7, and this performance will feature an interesting partnership. The high school musicians will be joined by members of the Omaha Symphony. Aviva Segall, director of the Youth Orchestra, talked about the value this kind of experience.

“I think most of our musicians who are going on into music, it’s a chance for them to sort of look into the future and see what kind of skills they need, to see the professionalism that they need, to just absorb what it is that the Omaha symphony does, because there are so many things that you can only get from experience and this is great experience,” Segall said.

Playing in an orchestra presents unique challenges for musicians, and the collaboration with Omaha’s veteran performers might offer students of music some valuable lessons.

“I think one of the tricky things about music is that there are so many paradoxes,” Segall said. “It’s watch the conductor, don’t watch the conductor. Listen here, anticipate here. Here you should count and subdivide, here you should just feel the groove. All of those different paradoxes with in the music and they’re all correct, so for them to see how the Omaha symphony navigates through all those different things and just have it happen through doing it is amazing for musicians.”

The orchestra will perform Verdi’s “Forza del Destino,” two pieces from one of the latest Star Wars films, the “Polovetsian Dances” by Alexandr Borodin, and “Nimrod” from Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations.” According to Segall, Elgar dedicated this piece to a very close friend, and keeping to tradition, this performance will be dedicated to the late Omaha philanthropist, Dick Holland.

“Dick Holland, for anybody who knew him was—you were blessed if you got to know Dick Holland,” Segal said. “He was such an amazing person. He was everything good about Omaha, good about philanthropy and just a solid real person who really truly made a difference, because that was his goal. He just wanted to make a difference. It wasn’t about his name it wasn’t about anything other than what a tremendous person he was.”

The Omaha Area Youth Orchestra and members of the Omaha Symphony will perform this Sunday, May 7 in the Central High School Auditorium. For tickets or information on how to register for the Youth Orchestra, visit OAYO.org.

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