Ken Ludwig’s Comedy, “Leading Ladies” Comes to the Omaha Community Playhouse


April 12th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Omaha Community Playhouse

Omaha, NE—Leading Ladies, directed by Jeff Horger, will begin its run at the Omaha Community Playhouse this Friday, April 14th.

Written by Ken Ludwig, Leading Ladies is a contemporary play on Shakespeare’s comedies portraying far fetched escapades and cross dressing impostors. 

The play portrays two Shakespearean actors with a cunning plan. Christopher Scott, playing the supporting role of “Butch,” explained the plot of Leading Ladies.

“It’s such a big farce,” Scott said, “and the characters are sort of outlandish, and the situations are outlandish. It’s two actors who are sort of down on their luck and they go and pose as this dying woman’s relatives to try to get part of her fortune as inheritance, and then these two actors find out that the relatives are actually women. And so they spend most of the show dressed in drag, and it’s just a really sort of goofy script.”

Scott feels that this play offers comedic opportunities, and he talked about his role and working with others behind the scenes.

“I get to do some pretty funny physical comedy schtick, which I think hopefully will garner some pretty big laughs,” Scott said. “But overall just about everybody in the show has some really great moments. Everybody is a really funny. The two guys who are playing the lead characters [Michael Judah and Kevin Goshorn] are just working really hard, and the director we’re working with, Jeff [Horger], is a pretty inventive guy so we added some really funny bits in there that hopefully the audience will appreciate as much as we do.”

In addition to comedy, Leading Ladies will feature some dancing as well.

“For me personally that’s the toughest part,” Scott said. “I’m not really a dancer, but hopefully I can pull it off well enough that people can sort of believe in what I’m doing. Then of course, mixed in with the dance there’re a lot of comic bits too, so there are some people who are dancing really well in the dances and then some people who are dancing not so well, and so hopefully seeing those two characters next to each other is going to provide some laughs.”

Leading Ladies will run at the Omaha Community Playhouse from Friday, April 14 to Sunday, May 7. For tickets, visit


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