Artist Collaboration, “WEDES,” Debuts at Darger HQ


April 14th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Launa Bacon.

Omaha, NE—Artists Angela Simione and Sarah Rowe discussed their collaborative exhibition, WEDES, showing this tonight at Darger HQ. But at the time of our conversation, the artists had yet to meet each other in person. They’ve only gotten together this week to build their exhibition.

Launa Bacon, director of Darger HQ, joins local, distant, and even international artists to share a single creative space. Rowe is based in Omaha, Simione in New York.

“When Launa first contacted me about the show and asked ‘Would you do a show with Sarah Rowe?’ I was like, ‘Absolutely,’” Simione said. “I mean there’s just so much beautiful crossover in our work even though the context I think I think the beginning point for each of our individual practices may be pretty different, there’s still so much that is common, and there are these very common threads between both of our practices. So I think that for me it was an easy yes, and as I get to know Sarah’s work better, even just through the reach of internet and our private correspondence, it’s a pretty easy beautiful fit. And so the work that we’re going to do on site together kind of spontaneously, I’m just excited to see the results.”

Tonight’s show will join the personal and political. Simione combines textiles, crochet, and text from personal diary writing, while Rowe utilizes found family heirlooms and fabrics. WEDES will primarily feature fabric and textiles.

“The work that I have made has been really a direct response to my time in Standing Rock,” Rowe said. “I’m Ponca and Lakota, and these issues resonate really deeply with my history and my work in general, so it’s speaking a lot about the desecration of the earth and the commodification of natural resources. So these kind of universal ideas.”

“I mean the larger theme that I’ve been working with now for years, which I think of what is the common thread between Sarah’s and my practice, are issues of loss and how loss impacts one’s identity as a transformative experience,” Simione said.

WEDES will show tonight, April 14, from 6-9pm and continue to June 4. An artist talk, moderated by Alex Priest, will accompany the exhibition at 6:30. For more information, visit


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