Opera Omaha presents “La Boheme” at the Orpheum


November 3rd, 2016

See tenor Cleyton Pulzi play Rodolfo this weekend, in Puccini's "La Boheme".

See tenor Cleyton Pulzi play Rodolfo this weekend, in Puccini’s “La Boheme”.

“You’re going to fall in love for La Boheme, for sure. I did, and I watched it the first time and I was crying and fell in love with the opera saying, “Oh my God, this is so beautiful”.-Cleyton Pulzi


That was tenor, Clayton Pulzi, who will be playing the role of Rodolfo this weekend in Opera Omaha’s production of, “La Boheme”. He talks about his feelings towards his first performance in the states, and why this opera is so special.

PULZI: “I’m very excited to be here. It’s my first opera, professional opera in the United States, it’s my debut, and it’s very special. I think it deals with the emotion of people. Every time I watch it, I cry in the final, knowing the end of the opera. I think it’s Puccini’s music, it’s so great, so beautiful and that’s why it lasts forever. I think it will last for a long time still.”

To many musicians like Pulzi, it’s a very important piece in Opera repertoire, that always gives you something new to learn.

PULZI: “Well, I think I make discoveries about Rodolfo everyday, everyday I learn something different from Rodolfo because my colleagues , some of them have been in other productions, of course. And, each one of them has his own experience and they bring it for this production and that is very rich.”

Pulzi felt a great connection to Omaha and this production after he auditioned last year.

PULZI: “When I came here in November last year, I came to do my audition for La Boheme and I sung in the Orpheum Theatre. I kind of knew that it was going to happen, something special, for me, in my life. You know when you get in a place that is so familiar and I was like, “Oh my God, it’s so nice here”. I knew that and I was just expecting to be hired. Then they came in with the invitation to do Rodolfo and that is so special and being treated so well here by everyone.”

That was renowned, Brazilian tenor, Cleyton Pulzi. See his performance as Rodolfo with Opera Omaha in a production of Puccini’s “La Boheme”. Performances are this Friday Nov 4th at 7:30pm and Sunday Nov 6 at 2:00pm at the Orpheum Theatre. Tickets are available at ticketomaha.com or when you call 402.345.0606. From the KVNO ARTS desk, I’m Melissa Dundis.


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