Symphonie Fantastique


October 21st, 2016


Join the Omaha Symphony October 21st, and 22nd at the Holland Performing Arts Center.

WHITE: “I think that the great thing about great music, the great thing about great art, is that you can analyze it to death and it holds great interest to analyze and wonderful to think about. But if the music itself, is not the compelling thing, then what’s it all about?”

That was guest conductor Steven White, he will be leading the Omaha Symphony tonight and tomorrow evening in a concert featuring they Symphony Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.

WHITE: “It’s exciting or me because I know, I don’t have to guess coming in weather or not they are a capable orchestra or not, because I know full well that they are going to play this beautifully. And they know me, so I think they have expectations based on that.”

The maestro went on to explain how this masterwork is more than just about French Romanticism.

WHITE: “The Symphony Fantastique, you can look at certain pieces of music that change music history, Beethoven’s 9th would certainly be in that category. Symphony Fantastique, not much less so. It opened up an unbelievable world who followed Berlioz. It’s an amazing think to think that it was written only three years after Beethoven had died, and yet now this piece sounds very modern. The influence that Berlioz wielded on Wagner and Liszt, you simply can overstate it. The importance of it is incredible.

White has worked with the symphony before in the opera setting and understands why that makes an orchestra great.

WHITE: “For an orchestra, to be able to play opera well, it makes them a better orchestra, even when they are playing a symphony well. The requirement of listening, the requirement of accompanying, the requirement to be flexible is something you wan in all music. Even if you are doing a Brahms sym. The idea and the ability to be flexible is going to make that music breath and be vital in a way that being just monolithic at all times would be. So that is why I think here in Omaha you have the best of both worlds, and I’m not just saying this. You have a really wonderful orchestra that plays they music for the symphony really wonderfully, but they are also an excellent opera orchestra.”

Music that intertwines, the maestro will also be conducting The E flat concerto by Liszt, featuring guest pianist, Markus Groh, and an overture by Wagner.

WHITE: “Something very interesting and fun was that Berlioz himself, premiered as the conductor in the Liszt E flat concerto. And on that program, February 17th, 1855, emblazoned on my memory as if it were yesterday, not only did Berlioz conduct the premier, but on that program was also the Symphony Fantastic. That is another reason I love this program is that there is a tremendous amount of interconnection between everything that is on tis program, even the Wagner. All three of these composers were also conductors.

That was guest conductor Steven White, he will be leading the Omaha Symphoy tonight and tomorrow evening in a Masterworks Concert titled, Symphony Fantanstic. Both performances begin at 7:30pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center. For tickets and more information log on to or call ticket Omaha at 402.345.0606.

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