Monks visit for Compassion Omaha


September 12th, 2016

The Monks are visiting, see them at the OM Center in downtown Omaha.

Geshe Phuntsho

The creation of a sacred sand mandala, offers of prayers and personal blessings; Tibetan Monks make the last stop of their two-year tour in Omaha, and you can find them, where else, but downtown at the Omaha Healing Arts Center. Owner Sandy Aquila and Executive Director, Roxanne Wach have been inviting Monks to Omaha from Southern India for twenty-five years now.

Here explaining his true culture and loving and human kindness, and creation of the Mandala of White Tara is Geshe Phuntsho.

PHUNTSHO: “Our thirty-five different colors, to represent 35 different kind of enlightened beings called Buddha’s, which is to represent our own purifications of our own defilement. The purpose of creating this sand mandala is firstly to highlight that our defilement, that we have a lot of defilement. Major defilements; ignorance, anger or hatred or desire and attachment, or ego and pride, or jealousy, stupidity and naive.”

Land was taken by the Monks from their own government, so they travel to raise funds for their monastery and to educate us on their world views in hopes to preserve their beautiful lifestyle.

PHUNTSHO: “So, creating this mandala, is to appreciate that if you know how to make proper use of this life, we have the highest opportunity to bring peace, prosperity and harmony. But, if you don’t know how to make proper use of this life, then we distract and create all the problem and mess around the world. This is to highlight about, an appreciate the preciousness of life and we have this opportunity to promote peace and happiness.”

And if you’re wondering why all Monks shave their heads..

PHUNTSHO: “Saving my time. (laughs) I don’t waste five, ten minutes a day, looking in a mirror, admiring myself, shampooing and combing.” (laughs)

Geshe, a Doctor of Philosophy, is expected to study for twenty to twenty-six years, and afterwards their goal isn’t working towards a salary, but to service others and be helpful to mother nature.

PHUNTSHO: “Compassion Omaha has always been kind and generous and they really work hard to make it happen and helping us raise funds so that we can preserve this culture in India. That is why, anyone who is interested while we are here, you are always welcome to ask questions when you are here and you know, any spiritual things, things of philosophy, but no politics. Anything that is philosophy they are welcome, and if there are interested in supporting the Monastery, we really appreciate whoever wants to preserve this precious culture. It’s good to get tired of doing good things.” (laughter)

That was Geshe Phuntsho and now until Wednesday anyone is welcome to stop and visit the Monks at the OM Center, downtown located on 12th and Howard. Their tour concludes this Wednesday evening with the Sand Mandala closing at 7:30pm. For more information on this event visit or

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