UNMC’s Leadership Team on Tour


August 12th, 2016



University of Nebraska Medical Center Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., and other leaders from UNMC are touring communities in southeast Nebraska. (Image courtesy of UNMC)

Officials with the University of Nebraska Medical Center tour the southeast portion of the state this week, diagnosing the health needs of Nebraska’s rural communities. 

When Dr. Gold stepped in as UNMC’s Chancellor two and a half years ago, he wanted to make sure his graduates could meet the needs of Nebraska’s rural communities.

“I learned that each of the communities is different,” Dr. Gold said. “They have somewhat different needs and they have different messages that they want to transmit back to us.”

Dr. Gold and his leadership began their tour Thursday morning in Bellevue.

Dr. Gold said it’s important for UNMC and the people of Nebraska to have close ties, because those relationships help UNMC tailor healthcare education in the state by creating new programs or extending existing ones—Like the Rural Healthcare Opportunities Program (RHOP)—which offers automatic admission to students living in rural parts of the state.

“It was a very clear message from the rural communities that we need to provide more work-force,” Dr. Gold said. “The single highest, best way to get people to go into rural communities is if they grew up there.   If their parents, their brothers, their sisters are in the rural community, the likelihood of them returning to that rural community with their professional degree really is very high.”

In addition to training Nebraska’s future medical workforce, with the opening of the new Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center less than a year away, Dr. Gold says a lot of people are asking about new cancer treatments and other specialized healthcare.

“Some [residents] are interested in some of our research programs, because our clinical trials provide opportunities for patients who’ve been treated—and treated very well—in local communities but need to get another level of care,” Dr. Gold said. “They’ve either failed at treatment or have had multiple attempts that have been unsuccessful and that results in the need for either a clinical trial or a little bit more complex care.”

Dr. Gold’s Tour to Southeast Nebraska continues Friday

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