KVNO’s New Program Features the Omaha Consort


July 28th, 2016

Omaha, NE — It’s our turn here at KVNO to add to the cultural landscape.

Omaha Consort Small PhotoStarting this Sunday at 1 pm for the next 5 weeks, KVNO listeners will get to hear a special collection of recordings featuring in the Omaha Consort. The series’ focus is featuring outstanding local musicians playing chamber music in intimate venues. The Omaha Consort’s Artistic Director, Jason DeWater, told the story behind the group mission of ‘music served in the proper glass’.

“Larry and Sheila Siegler and myself were enjoying a lunch wine together and Larry was giving us a lesson because he’s a wine genius,” DeWater said. “He was explaining to me how certain types of wines flourish in certain types of glasses. You need the right glass for the right wine. Now, we’re both musicians and music lovers, so we made the observation that, a lot of times, music today is not presented in the proper glass.”

An improper glass is when a small group is placed in a large, cavernous space where the listener loses all sense of intimacy. For each work, the group asked themselves “Where did the composer intend this work to be performed in the first place?” In the case of some of the nonets they perform, they’re premiered not in a concert hall, but in someone’s home. Now, why play the works in that type of space?

“It’s because they wrote the music for their friends to play, for their friends to listen to,” DeWater said. “They wanted this immense amount of intimacy not only between the listener and performer but also the performer and the composer. That gets the composer to the listener better than anything.”

The spaces performed in this series include churches, small theatre spaces, and the Joslyn Castle, the location of many original Omaha Consort shows.

“If anyone listening has not been to the Joslyn Castle, they really should go see it if they’re music lovers,” DeWater said. “The entire home is essentially built to resonate music. There’s a music room that’s just gorgeous. There was originally an organ inside that room and the pipes of the organ went throughout the home up the next few floors. The whole house literally shook with music when it was played. Travelling, world-famous musicians used to come and stay at the Joslyn Castle and play music inside it. We felt right at home bringing music back to the Joslyn Castle.”

The new 5-week music program featuring the Omaha Consort will air Sundays at 1pm from July 31st through August 28th.

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