‘Adoptation’ is All-Local


March 7th, 2016

Omaha, NE — A new, locally-produced feature film is showing at Aksarben Cinema.

Adoptation PhotoFatherson Productions, which consists of friends Tom Knoblauch and Ben Matukewicz, released their latest feature film entitled Adoptation. The movie revolves follows Lou, a man who, after a few years of college, decides to move back home with his parents only to find that they have adopted a twelve-year-old. Increasingly concerned about finding meaning in his life, Lou’s interactions in an eccentric coffee shop lead him to question whether life needs exciting plans or even achievable dreams.

This is the second feature film for the duo. The first one, called Almost a Weekend, provided a great learning experience on how to create a film and who to work with doing so. Knoblauch said that shooting the film had more flexibility since they had great local performers to bounce ideas off of.

“On the first one, we assumed that if it worked on the page, it was just going to work in general,” he said. “On Adoptation, we went in thinking, ‘Well, it’s works on the page, but maybe it won’t work that way when we get in there. Just being open to the idea that when we do as preparation as we can outside of casting, as long we cast good people, it can all fall in place.”

Matukewicz talked about how many resources there are in the city of Omaha and how it helped them craft a film to be proud of.

“I think for us, it’s just confidence in our product,” he said. “Omaha is a great place for finding local people, whether it’s acting or music or anything else. For Tom and I, knowing what we want to do; how it’s supposed to look, how it’s supposed to sound, how it’s supposed to feel, I think that helps a lot. Some projects, maybe they have an idea that they throw together, whereas we, I’m not going to say we’re perfectionists, but we don’t have something the way that we like it, we don’t move forward with it. I think that helps a lot.”

While the premise to the film might be a little absurd, both filmmakers think audiences will find the universal themes littered throughout the film.

“Relating to the movie has been a funny story,” Knoblauch said. “We gave the script to one of the producers and when he read it, he looked at us and said, ‘Why’d you write a movie about me?’ I don’t know that the adoption story is what people will relate to but the just the general struggle of Lou dealing with his own irrelevance throughout. It’s something that’s not completely foreign to people. I hope that we can deal with that in a way where you don’t feel like we are actively trying to get you to relate, tugging at you emotionally. I hate emotional manipulation in a movie so I hope it doesn’t come across that way.”

Adoptation opened last week and will have two more screenings at Aksarben Cinema, Thursday March 10th and 24th at 7pm. For more information on the film, search Fatherson Productions on Facebook.

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