Paul Landow discusses 2016 Presidential campaign


August 28th, 2015

The next presidential election may be more than a year away but some candidates are already distancing themselves. KVNO’s Brandon McDermott had a chance to sit down with Paul Landow a political science professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, to discuss the crowded presidential field as well as how some political missteps may hurt Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

KVNO: Paul what is your take on the Democratic field as we sit here in late August just about fifteen months from Election Day?

Landow: Well, it’s hard to tell look for the longest time like Hillary Clinton was the nominee. Most likely she still is. But now there’s talk about Joe Biden getting into the race. While I think it’s likely too late for him to do that or at least too late for him to get in and win – It would certainly turn the race topsy turvy. But I still think you’d have to say as of today that Clinton is the presumptive nominee.

Paul Landow is professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. (Photo Courtesy UNO)

Paul Landow is professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. (Photo Courtesy UNO)

KVNO: And on the opposite side how about the G.O.P. field that stands out to you as a real contender?

Landow: Well. Looks to me I know that the Trump ‘thing’ or whatever you want to call it is a fast moving train. Still seems to me that it’s unlikely – although possible, that he’ll get the nomination. I think that probably that Republican nomination still boils down to Bush or Rubio and. You’ve also got what seems to be at this point in the way a strong candidacy from Scott Walker and some say. John Kasich.

KVNO: You kind of answered my first part of this question about whether Trump wins the nomination. You said he may have some trouble. Will that not trouble be how he fares in the post primary pivot. Or the run to the middle, so to speak.

Landow: Yeah. I think so I mean I think that. As it stands right now he’s already pivoted from being a mostly liberal to being an extreme conservative. So he’s made one pivot already. But, to pivot back would obviously going to cause him some problems. But that said, it depends on his resilience with the Republican primary electorate which is by nature very, very conservative. It’s hard to say how hill fare over the long haul. But many pollsters are saying that he’s at or near his peak and as Republican candidates drop off, there are now quite a few, than Republican strength will consolidate among the remainder. And that is likely to be Bush and Rubio at the very least.

KVNO: Speaking of which what happened to the Bush campaign here in recent weeks?

Landow: It sputtered and. I don’t really know how you explain that a father and a brother that were already president he’s already been a governor. You would think he knows how to run a campaign but he’s had a tough time and I don’t know if it’s primarily personality problems or just the fact that there’s so much competition and it’s really hard to stake out a spot. He’s going to have to get his act together that’s for sure.

KVNO: Is Hillary in trouble? I know you said that you expect her to eventually be the nomination. With the latest news about that top secret data possibly being compromised in her e-mails, do you think that’s going to cause her some trouble?

Landow: It’s got the potential to cause her some trouble. This is exactly why so many people are saying things like. ‘I’m voting for Hillary but it’s difficult.’ These things continue to crop up in the lives of the Clintons every time year after year election after election and people are somewhat tired of it. That said however Clinton is the clear front runner. She’s beating everybody in Iowa in the polling two to one at this point and I think that it’s quite likely she’ll get the nomination under any circumstances. However, you could say that there’s an unknown with these e-mails and needless to say if there’s some sort of smoking gun it could cause a real problem.

KVNO: What do you think about Senator Bernie Sanders?

Landow: I think that he’s an interesting political figure for sure. He’s obviously also touched a nerve. He’s gathering a lot of support, but I think in the long run, he’s too far to the left to even get the Democratic nomination much less be elected president that doesn’t mean he’s not a good person but it just means that his politics really don’t line up with the electorate all that well right at this moment.

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