Omaha Symphony Prepares for Masterworks Finale


June 5th, 2015

Omaha, NE — Brahms, Beethoven, and a Big Finish…what more could you want?

Stephen Hough

Stephen Hough

The Omaha Symphony put together a grand finale for its last Masterworks concert of the season. The orchestra will pair Brahm’s “Second Symphony” with Beethoven’s “Fourth Piano Concerto,” the latter featuring English pianist Stephen Hough, who returns to Omaha after several decades. Hough is a devout Roman Catholic who considered the priesthood not once, but twice!


“When I converted to Catholicism as an 18-year-old…a sort of teenage rebellion but there was something serious there as well,” Hough said.


For Hough music is both a creative and spiritual experience, but one that is nondenominational and crosses many boundaries:


“I do feel that music is a communication of something spiritual…people will take from it whatever is good for them on that day,” he said.


The pianist hopes that concertgoers will not only enjoy a fantastic performance, but also come away with a more positive outlook on life.


“What I think is fantastic about Beethoven is there is never a sense of self-pity…show us a higher plane, if you like,” he said.


Hough credits Beethoven’s capacity to move us to the enormous power the composer incorporated into his music.


“I could choose one word to sum up Beethoven, it would probably be energy…incredible creativity to it.”
The Omaha Symphony’s performance of Brahms and Beethoven – featuring pianist Stephen Hough – is this Friday and Saturday, June 5 & 6 at the Holland Center in Omaha. Both performances begin at 7:30 pm and more information is available at

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