The Omaha Symphony Brings Audiences ‘Four Seasons’


May 6th, 2015

Omaha, NE — Did Vivaldi write 500 concertos, or one concerto 500 times? Ben Rasmussen has answer along with a guided tour of the calendar year!

Concertmaster Susanna Perry Gilmore

Concertmaster Susanna Perry Gilmore

This Sunday Thomas Wilkins and the Omaha Symphony will present an all-Italian concert at the Joslyn Art Museum. The program includes selections from Rossini and Luciano Berio, but the centerpiece is a performance of all four of Vivaldi’s “Seasons” with Concertmaster Susanna Perry Gilmore as the solo violinist. Gilmore says that, while he was incredibly prolific, Vivaldi took pains to create variety in his many concertos by giving each a unique character. For example, Spring is primarily cheerful:


“We begin with ‘Spring’; ‘Joyful spring has arrived, and the birds welcome it with their happy song.’ …and the birds (have) lots of little chirps, then there’s a thunderstorm,” Gilmore said.


‘Summer’ also includes birdcalls and a thunderstorm, though the mood couldn’t be more different:


“Under the merciless sun languishes man and his flock,” she said. “And then we start to hear a series of bird calls, and the cuckoo begins to string. If you listen to the way he writes it, you’ll hear the voice of the cuckoo on the lower string of this pattern. All through ‘Summer’ there is a sense that a storm is cooking…it comes and goes in the slow movement, and finally it arrives in the slow movement.”


Gilmore says Autumn has a party atmosphere…


“It’s basically a drunken harvest festival and there’s a lot of celebration and ‘full of the liquor of Bacchus’ and the music actually feels like you’re dizzy and teetering,” she said.


Winter, on the other hand, has a chill that bites:


“So it begins to walk frozen, and then the icy wind and then the famous melody that everyone recognizes ‘to stamp your feet to get the snow off your boots’,” Gilmore said.

The Omaha Symphony’s all-Italian performance featuring Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and soloist Susanna Perry Gilmore is Sunday, May 10 at the Joslyn Art Museum’s Witherspoon Theater. The concert begins at 2 pm, and for more information and tickets call (402) 345-0606 or log on to

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