The Amelia Trio Looks to Connect with New Audiences


April 7th, 2015

Omaha, NE — An ensemble centered on great performances and passing on traditions makes its way to an Omaha stage this Saturday.

The Amelia Trio

The Amelia Trio

This weekend the up-and-coming chamber group the Amelia Trio will perform in Omaha. The ensemble, consisting of Violinist Anthea Kreston, Cellist Jason Duckles, and pianist Andrew Armstrong, specializes in bringing great music to new audiences with energy and passion. Kreston says the ensemble’s career received a boost from a big name in classical music.

“I had the chance previously to work very intensely with Isaac Stern,” Kreston said. “I sent a video of our trio playing to him, and he liked it! He invited us to Carnegie Hall to be a part of his very intense three-week workshop.”

The Amelia Trio will perform at the Strauss Performing Arts Center Saturday night at 7:30. In addition to the evening performance the trio will lead a chamber music clinic involving area youth. Kreston looks back to her own experiences as a reason to work with young performers.

“This is exactly the way that we began,” she said. “Classical music being one of those rare things on the planet, one of those old style crafts where the only way to learn how to play a classical instrument is to learn it from another human who has learned it from another human and it goes back and back for hundreds of years.”

Saturday night’s program includes Dvorak’s “Dumky” Trio along with an exceptionally visual work from Rachmaninoff!

“Often when we begin it the audience can’t tell we’re playing for a little while,” Kreston said. “It’s this rippling pattern where the cello and violin are weaving, and out of this emerges this long piano solo that is so lonely and sad. When we’re rehearsing it we often think that it sounds like an old man in Russia riding a train and it’s going to be a long journey. As he’s riding he’s looking out the window and he’s thinking about his life and all of the disappointments and all of the wonderful things that have happened to him.”

Kreston and co will also tackle the “Praeludium and Allegro” by Fritz Kreisler.

“It has everything in it – all the technical things that a violinist can do, all the double-stops or the ricochet bowing or shifting up and down like crazy, or huge grand arpeggios happy. It’s really fun to play,” she said.

The Amelia Trio performs this Saturday, April 11 at 7:30. The concert is at UNO’s Strauss Performing Arts Center, and more information is available at

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