A Diverse Set of Omaha Professionals Talk ‘Process’


March 11th, 2015

Omaha. NE – The latest edition in a new panel series from UNO and Kaneko will continue this week.


UNO Kaneko LibraryOn Thursday March 12th, the UNO Writer’s Workshop in partnership with the Kaneko-UNO Creativity Library will present the third of four panel discussions on creativity entitled Process: How Creative Thinking Gets Work Done. The first installment held back in November of 2014 where four different panelists from varied backgrounds discussed the process of first drafts. Then in January of this year, four more panelists discussed the process of revision in its many forms. This time, four new panelists will participate in a discussion entitled “Completion: How to Know When Your Work is Done”.
“How do you know when something’s done? From business, we have vocabulary about closing; ‘Closing the deal’. I think for artists, we want to complete the thing, we want to have it done. And yet, there’s always this feeling of ‘It could be better.”, ‘It could be more nuanced.”, ‘It’s not quite perfect, yet.’. How do you reach that point where you let go of the work?”
That’s panelist and moderator Anna Monardo, a novelist and professor in the UNO Writer’s Workshop. She will lead a discussion involving painter Lanny DeVuono, brewmaster Zac Triemert of Brickway Brewing and Distilling, and former Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes.
“What does that process look like in their fields?” Monardo asked. “When is the case close? What causes it to open again? Is it closed officially but does it linger for the detective? Those are the sorts of discussion I anticipate we’ll have.”
Monardo predicts that those attending the discussion will get a chance to compare and contrast each profession’s creative dynamics.
“I think we all develop our own professional process as we go along,” she said. “Through our discussions, we’ve been finding there are more similarities across disciplines than differences.”
The best part of the event, Monardo says, is the spark of discussion created that continues long after the panel has concluded.
“People who knew each other found each other,” she said. “People who hadn’t known each other started talked about a comment that had been made during the question and answer session so a new friendship was formed. I have such a clear picture of people lingering in the library for quite awhile to continue the conversations that began during the panel and the Q&A.”
The third installment in the Process discussion series will be Thursday, March 12th, starting at 5:30pm at Kaneko on 11th and Jones Street in the Old Market. For more information on the event, visit www.library.unomaha.edu/kaneko.

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