Senate candidate Dave Domina calls out challenger Ben Sasse


October 3rd, 2014

Omaha, NE – Historically, Nebraska is considered a Republican leaning state, having voted only once between 1940 and 2008 to award all of its electoral votes to a candidate for President from the Democratic Party (LBJ in 1964).


However, when it comes to electing someone to the U.S. Senate, Nebraska voters are not averse to electing Democrats.

In this year’s race between Dave Domina of Omaha and Fremont native, Ben Sasse, most of the polling conducted thus far shows Sasse with a comfortable lead in the race. Domina said he is not all that concerned with the polls at this stage of the game, and he believes there are plenty of questions voters still want answered by his Republican rival.

Domina said many of the voters he has spoken with are troubled with Sasse and his extremely conservative stands on cutting veteran’s benefits and plans to privatize Medicare and Social Security. Domina thinks these hot button social issues will lead to a much higher voter turnout than many of the pundits are expecting.

As an attorney, David Domina has tried over 340 cases to verdict. As well as arguing over 250 State and Federal Appeals. (Photo Courtesy Ben Rasmussen)

As an attorney, David Domina has tried over 340 cases to verdict. As well as arguing over 250 State and Federal Appeals. (Photo Courtesy Ben Rasmussen)

“I have a sense that students are starting to catch on to the poor performance by students (in the 2012 election) two years ago and are resolved to do better this time around and a lot of elderly people realize there is a threat to the social security system and they have to turn out,” Domina said.

Domina said one of the most important differences between the campaign he is running and Ben Sasse’s campaign is that he is refusing to take campaign cash from deep pocketed out of state political advocacy groups, while Ben Sasse is accepting large out of state donations. Domina said he is funding his own campaign mostly out of his own pocket.

“He is getting a lot of attention from conservative groups outside the state who have been contributing large amounts of money to him. The attraction I have is I am refusing any of that sort of support from significant groups and really challenging Nebraskans to invest the energy necessary to evaluate its candidates.”

Domina also believes Sasse is trying to avoid having to debate him and answer direct questions about his controversial stands on those hot button social issues, preferring instead to try to slide in under the radar. Domina pointed to the recent senate debate held in Hastings Nebraska where Ben Sasse was a “no show”.

“Mr. Sasse has decided to become absent without official leave from the election process,” Domina said. “He is obviously withdrawing from public view, he is withdrawing from public debate and to the extent that a candidacy is public service, he is withdrawing from public service. Now the people of Nebraska can only judge a candidate based on their behavior based on the election process.”

Sasse claims he never gave anyone confirmation on attending the Hastings Debate. Sasse’s campaign staff told the Grand Island Independent:

“Ben had a family commitment with his daughter — taking her to her first hunter safety class. He has already participated in more debates than Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey did in 2012…”

Domina said he does not think Sasse is taking the election process seriously.

“I think this portends that when the issues are tough and things require real debate and people who will stand up with courage, Ben Sasse will not stand present to be counted,” Domina said. “That is not the kind of Senator we need.”

Domina said he plans to knuckle down these final few weeks, but hopes potential voters see, what he calls, the overall risk with this election.

“If we continue to offer our seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives for sale to the highest bidder, we have to expect those seats will be owned by the buyer, not by the people of Nebraska,” Domina said.

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  1. Poor bens has a problem with the silver spoon in his mouth preventing him from talking with real nebraskans. Only the DC money can understand bens words of begging for their funds. He can not get funded here in Nebraska with his desire to run tv adds telling less than half truths.

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