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July 10th, 2014

Omaha, NE — The new summer film series at Film Streams has something for kids of all ages.

"A Hard Day's Night"

“A Hard Day’s Night”

Starting this weekend, Film Streams will screen its first film in the Forever Young Summer Series. The series, comprised of six films, focuses on iconic and significant contributions to the art form that are accessible to children and families.

Film Streams Founder and Executive Director Rachel Jacobson says that this summer’s film choices are one of a kind.

“This quarter we’ve got some really exciting films,” Jacobson said. “We’re launching (the series) with one that we’re going to play everyday because it’s such a big event – A Hard Day’s Night.”

A Hard Day’s Night, directed by Richard Lester in 1964, is the film described as the one that changed Rock and Roll and youth culture for good. It follows the Beatles in the month after crashing into America’s home on the Ed Sullivan show. Janus Films has restored the film and is re-releasing it to the public.

“It’s so amazing and so much fun to see them at this moment where they’re just breaking out and people are really freaking out over them,” she said. “The music is really fantastic and it’s a terrific film too. Janus Films is actually opening this up across the country. It’s opening in 50 different cities on Friday.”

After A Hard Days Night finishes, the remaining five films will feature what Jacobson sees as very eclectic collection.

“This series kind of goes all over the place!” she said. “Sometimes we’ll try to have a theme to it. This time, there were just so many opportunities to play all of these great films.”

The second film, shown in late July, will be the animated Eleanor’s Secret, a tale that takes audiences on an imaginative journey through children’s literature through the eyes of a little boy who discovers an enchanted library.

“(The film has) kind of a mix of fairy tale and a sort of Alice and Wonderland quality to it,” Jacobson said.

Next, in August is the John Hubley Centennial Tribute.

“John Hubley is this amazing animator,” she said. “Not many people know his name but he started at Disney and created some of the really important works. Pinocchio, I think Snow White was a little early for him, but he did Bambi. These are shorts that he did on his own for his own art. They are really interesting animated films. Really beautiful, really artfully done, really innovative.”

Following up in August will be the Disney classic The Parent Trap starring Hayley Mills…and Hayley Mills. The film tells the story of a pair of teenage twins separated at birth that try to reunite their mom and dad.

September will see two Spanish language films presented as a part of their program Cinemateca, they are Anina and Nocturna. Anina follows two girls who learn to put their differences aside after a scuffle when they are given the same bizarre task: they must carry a sealed envelope that contains their punishment for a week without opening it.

Nocturna is the animated story of an orphan named Tim who finds comfort through the sight of his favorite star in the sky. When it disappears, wild night creatures help him find answers.

Jacobson said that each film has something unique and different to offer audience and she hopes everyone gets a chance to experience these great works of art.

“It’s really about people who are celebrating the history of film, putting these films out that really have significance and are appropriate for the whole family and bringing them to Omaha,” she said.

Film Streams’ Forever Young Summer Series for Families and Children starts Friday July 4th and continues throughout the season until Late September.

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