YouTube Sensation Project Trio to Perform at UNO


April 10th, 2014

Omaha, NE — Coming to Omaha on Saturday, April 19, is a trio that covers all the bases, from Bach to beatboxing.


Project Trio

Project Trio

Later this month the University of Nebraska at Omaha is hosting the chamber music ensemble Project Trio. As the name implies, Project Trio consists of three musicians: flutist Greg Patillo, cellist Eric Stephenson, cello, and bassist Peter Seymour. Seymour says Project Trio takes the idea of chamber music to a whole new level.

“Project Trio is a high energy, high octane chamber music ensemble. We play every style of music, from classical to jazz to hiphop to rock to salsa and everything in between,” Seymour said.

The three musicians met in school and had like-minded musical tastes and ambitions. However, it was a viral video that launched their career as a trio.

“Our flute player, Greg Patillo but a video up on YouTube that went on to get 10 million views in the first couple weeks,” he said. “Right around that time those videos were coming out, we just knew it was time to pursue our dreams of having this chamber music ensemble.”

As you might suspect from the name, Project Trio is more than just a performance ensemble. In fact, one of their primary missions is music education.

“We’ve actually performed and done education for over 250,000 students, over the last 8 years, all over the world,” he said.

On Saturday, April 19, Project Trio will run a chamber music clinic with local student ensembles. In addition to working on the music they prepare, the Trio will conduct a Q & A on becoming a professional musician and teach some non-traditional skills.

“We’ll also do some interactive things that are out of the box – rhythm, improvisation,” Seymour said. “There’s so much that you can learn from the basics of improvisation that can help your classical music career and music career in general.”

Later that evening Project Trio will perform a concert featuring an eclectic and diverse program.

“We do an amazing Peter and the Wolf where we take Peter from Russia and bring him to Brooklyn, we play Charles Mingus… and we play original music,” he said.

Some of the original music is composed collectively by the Trio.

“This is a true collaborative effort,” Seymour said. “We compose more like a rock band would, where we all get together and sit in a circle and everyone brings different ideas. When we hash out those ideas, certain things start to stick. Then we take those things and then we start to develop them.”

Project Trio will perform as a part of the “Petite Musique” series Saturday, April 19 at 7:30 pm in the Strauss Performing Arts Center on UNO’s Dodge Street Campus. Project Trio will conduct a chamber music clinic earlier that afternoon. For more information, you can visit


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